Richard M(non-registered)
I still have displayed your B&W photos of the trails, that I bought at the Ex in 2014. Superb shots and mounts........
My boyfriend and I saw your work at the Red River Ex and we were so impressed. We love your shots, different lighting that you use, and the different subjects like barns, fences, etc. We also love the framing of some of the pictures, in particular, feathers on the corners of a picture of a bird in a tree, using burlap. You were our favorite booth out of all!
I saw your work today at an All Charities event and was so impressed with your work. I love your new and fresh approach to photography and the cool approach you have to displaying it. Great work!
Brittany Berry(non-registered)
Love your work and the website !
Shelley (Auntie to you lol)(non-registered)
I love the website, hope business is good! Great pics!
hi there i absolutly love the pictures, keep up the good work there amazing
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