Kirstyn Rathert Photography | FAQ

FAQ - Lifestyle Sessions (Family, newborns, graduates, engagements, etc.)

What should we wear to our photoshoot?

Try to avoid clothing with words on it as that can be really distracting in a photograph. Pick two or three colours and have everyone in your family or group find something that fits with one of those colours. Some colours that look great together are: blue and orange, blue and yellow, green and purple, yellow and purple, red and purple. If you are wanting to include patterns in your clothing choices try to avoid having everyone wearing patterns. Usually just one or two people with patterns is enough. If you have too many patterns the images will appear very busy and focus will be directed away from you and your family.

What is the process?

First step, give me a call or send me an email (info can be found under the contact tab). Let me know that you're interested in booking a session with me. I'll ask you a few questions and we'll book a date that works for both of us. A week before your scheduled photoshoot I will contact you to make sure the date and time still work. If it does, great! If something comes up we will reschedule the date. Then it's time for the photoshoot! We'll meet up and spend some time together taking a bunch of images. After that you'll go home super excited to see your photos and I'll get right to work on editing them. The evening or morning after I'll have a "sneak peek" of about 2-3 images ready for you to take a look at so you can cure some of your excitement. I'll share this "sneak peek" on facebook so your friends and family can see as well, or if you don't have facebook I will email the images to you. Then it's a bit more waiting as I finish up all the editing. Your proofs will be ready one week after your session. From there you order your prints (there are two options for ordering, check below), I send them to the lab, and then deliver them to you 3-5 business days after that!

Where does the photoshoot take place?

The location is completely up to you! We will determine the location when we are booking your session. I recommend only going with one location. That way we can spend more time taking photos and less time traveling to different places.

What happens if I need to reschedule my photoshoot?

No worries! Just let me know as soon as possible and we will reschedule at no extra cost to you.

What happens if I need to cancel my photoshoot?

The deposit fee will not be refunded. However, if you payed in full when you booked your session you will be refunded everything except the deposit fee. If in the future you decide to book again you will have to pay in full and the deposit fee from your cancelled session will not count towards your new booking.

How do I order my photos?

You have two options:

1) A week from your session I can send you printed proofs. Then you can have around a week to look over them and decide which are your favorite. From there we will set up an ordering session for you to ask me any questions and to order your favorite photos.


2) A week from your session I can put them on my website in a password protected client gallery for you to order from there with your credit card or PayPal account.

I highly recommend going with option one as you can then see the quality of prints you will be receiving and if you have any questions about sizes or what size would look best where I can be there to answer them for you and help you decide.

Why do you offer prints instead of a CD with all the images on it?

I do this for a couple reasons. First, I strongly believe that it is very important to have printed photos around, rather than just a bunch of digital files stored on your computer. Having a photo hanging on the wall will allow you to see your photos every day and you will be able to remember those memories for years to come. Secondly, quality prints are very important in making your photos look their absolute best, which is why I will only print your photos at a professional lab.

Why should I choose Kirstyn Rathert Photography as my photographer?

I put 110% into all types of photography. Whether you hire me to take your family photos or for your wedding I will work as hard as I possibly can to create the best photos for you. Right from when you first contact me up until I deliver the final product to you I will be working my hardest to make you feel comfortable in your decision to hire me and to make sure that you get quality images. Each job is as important to me as the last was, no matter what.